The easier way to get MASSIVE Pinterest traffic while building a successful strategy along the way ...


For bloggers, course creators, and online retailers who want to create an organic traffic machine using Pinterest without hustling 24/7

Right now you're desperate to generate REAL organic traffic to your online business, BUT ...


You feel OVERWHELMED managing your Pinterest account and blogging all the time with not enough results and you're DESPERATE to find something that just WORKS.


You are EXHAUSTED from chasing traffic and being told you're not working hard ENOUGH.


You are STRUGGLING to make ends meet and have no idea if you will ever make this business PROFITABLE, let alone go NEXT LEVEL.


You find yourself thinking ...


"Can I really get traffic to my site?"


"Will I ever increase my income?"


"Is it even possible for me to grow my business without spending all of my time on social media or pinning?" 

Growing your traffic takes WORK. And trying to figure everything out alone will leave you feeling FRUSTRATED, EXHAUSTED, and like a FAILURE.


There's an EASIER way to get more traffic that ACTUALLY makes sense and frees up your time ...


I've developed a complete system that allows you to do LESS to get MORE impact in the smartest way possible ... and the core of that system is Pinterest.

Pinterest isn't just "another traffic source" to focus on. It's THE free organic traffic source to focus on NOW.

Look, I KNOW a lot of marketers are in your face about the POWER of Facebook ads, SEO for Google, Instagram, podcasting, email marketing and YouTube.


When it comes time for those marketers to actually drive TRAFFIC to their products and programs, what do they do?



The best part is you'll be growing your list and pixel data along the way so you can take the leads from this traffic ANYWHERE you want!






SMART Pin Pro™ is a membership program that teaches you the specific steps to developing and growing a Pinterest strategy unique to your business to generate MASSIVE traffic to your site from the audiences you want MOST.


  • Make your content STAND OUT so the people who need your product or content the most can find it
  • Create a Pinterest STRATEGY that fits your UNIQUE business
  • Read and interpret ANALYTICS to help you make powerful decisions and adjust your strategy
  • Weather every ALGORITHM change going forward without worry
  • Optimize the content you already have to get you maximum ATTENTION from Pinterest
  • Create a cohesive Pinterest account with a clear FOCUS that both Pinterest and customers will understand
  • Approach your Pinterest strategy with calm CONFIDENCE no matter what changes happen in the future
  • Stay up to date on IMPORTANT platform changes and new features to move your business forward
  • CONSISTENTLY add content to your Pinterest account in a smart, safe way that follows the rules
  • Properly use tools to maximize ROI from all of your resources, including time
  • Use Pinterest to improve your product and content BEFORE you create it


The SMART Pin Pro™ is a training program that teaches you how to harness the power of Pinterest to send massive traffic to your website again and again for years to come.

EVEN IF you have a tiny social media following

EVEN IF you have terrible traffic right now

EVEN IF you don't have hours and hours to spend on "social media"

EVEN IF you have struggled to figure it out on your own

EVEN IF you have been told a million times before that you aren't working hard enough and your ideas aren't good






... and ALOT of support along the way!

The steps I teach in SMART Pin Pro™ help you generate new traffic and leads WITHOUT sacrificing your sanity and spending all your time pinning.




TIRED of listening to crazy "experts" telling you to work harder, longer, faster ...

SICK of sleepless nights wondering if this business will ever get traffic and make money ...

and DESPERATE to grow your business with CONFIDENCE and EASE ...


... then SMART Pin Pro™

is perfect for you


Here are a few examples of what my members have achieved:

Growing your traffic is HARD

If you want results like this, they won't happen by "trying to figure it out" all on your own. You've tried that. Trying to FIGURE IT OUT leads to frustration, thousands of lost dollars and hours, and feeling hopeless.


SMART Pin Pro™ is designed for online businesses and bloggers who want to drive massive traffic to their site with Pinterest.


But MORE importantly, you'll be running a business that gives you MORE TIME

SMART Pin Pro™ is an all-inclusive approach where you'll learn

+ How to ATTRACT the ideal customers through Pinterest

+ How to COMMUNICATE clear calls to action to people who pin your content

+ How to DEVELOP a real strategy that perfectly fits your unique business

+ How to use analytics data to make smart DECISIONS for your business ... without being scared!

+ How to BUILD a targeted audience on Pinterest and drive them to your site

+ How to get more CUSTOMERS and CLIENTS in a way that FEELS GOOD and SAVES TIME

+ How to SHOW UP in all the right places on Pinterest, automatically

+ How to MANAGE your Pinterest account efficiently without being spammy

+ How to remain CALM and CONFIDENT while everyone else is freaking out over algortihm changes

+ How to ADJUST your strategy so no matter what comes your way, you can be successful




Just because you pin things DOESN'T mean you are going to get traffic and make money. Trying to "figure it out" on your own or copy other people's steps isn't a STRATEGY.

My members have built their own profitable Pinterest accounts, gaining more traffic and customers month after month.


They signed up because they TRIED to figure it out on their own and FAILED.

They suffered through MONTHS or even years of frustration and anxiety and lost profits because they did not have a strategy to follow.

They invested in programs that worked for a little while ... and then their results DIED because they had only learned tactics.

And they didn't have a plan for adjusting their strategy when Pinterest made changes ... and Pinterest changes ALL THE TIME.

You have two choices:

SMART Pin Pro™ includes proven strategies and best practices that have allowed me and HUNDREDS of my clients and members to deliver MASSIVE pageviews, reduce social media management time, and increase revenue.




IMPORTANT: Your BONUSES will be available IMMEDIATELY so you can get started right away!


Value: $197

Go from ZERO to Strategy in 28 days with this Roadmap! Calendar, weekly checklists, and accountability check-ins to help you execute SMART Pin Pro™ in your first month of membership so you can start refining and scaling your Winning Traffic Strategy as quickly as possible.



Value: $997+

Audit your own Pinterest account using the same checklists and strategies I use for my top corporate clients. Learn how to position your account to show up in search consistently and communicate your brand clearly to your audience.



Value: $997+

Get access to our Audit Vault with real audits from real businesses including online retailers, bloggers, and more so you can see the audit training applied in real-time. 



Value: $997

Get 24/7 access to the community FULL of current students and alumni who are growing their own wildly engaged Pinterest following. Ask our most successful members ANYTHING about growing (and profiting) from their Pinterest traffic.



Value: $497

Maximize Pinterest’s affinity for video pins with this in-depth training on how to create video pins that get clicks. Pinterest is pushing video pins to the top of the feed … but most pinners are doing video ALL WRONG. Learn what works now and the best tactics for making video pins that break through the noise.



Value: $797+

Learn how to use pivot tables to manage your entire editorial calendar … and your pins. This includes access to the database I use to manage all of my Fresh Pins and keep my Pinterest account hopping! Yes, you can literally copy my database … then learn to use it with this video training.



Value: $1,997

We brought in experts who are killing it in their industries to offer their most profitable tactics and strategies to you in these BONUS trainings! This is the knowledge you need to complement what you’re doing in SMART Pin Pro. We're adding new trainings all the time so this vault is priceless. Including:

  • UTM Code Workshop
  • How to Choose Winning Content to Create
  • A New Approach for Fresh Pins
  • … and more!



Value: $1,997

Instantly download our exclusive collection of over 1000 pin templates in Canva plus a HUGE library of pin description templates to help you design and publish pins more efficiently for yourself and clients! This is a fan favorite!!

"The best marketing course I've taken in my 19 years in business!"

Julie Miller

"SMART Pin Pro™ helped me DOUBLE my pageviews and increase my ad earnings by 5 TIMES!

With this traffic, I can ask for more MONEY from sponsored posts!"

Kathy Ransom

"The results on Pinterest have been dramatic with 85% growth in engagement!"

Kristen Mangus


After years of pushing myself to the brink of burnout, I've unlocked a simple system for generating MASSIVE TRAFFIC online ...

... and it starts with PINTEREST.


You won't believe just how quickly you can get results ...





That's how much this SMART Pin Pro™ member is bringing in from the traffic she's driving to her site with Pinterest. 

Her developer told her she would make only $30 a month with ads.

After SMART Pin Pro™, she grew her traffic enough to finally qualify to join an ad network, adding a brand new revenue stream to her biz!

Not only has traffic and ad revenue increased, but sales of her online products have grown as well!


Results like these are only possible for members enrolled in SMART Pin Pro™. You will not get results like these trying to "figure it out" on your own.

Getting traffic from the right audience is hard. Our members and I have been EXACTLY where you are right now and have made it to the other side so don't waste your precious time by trying to reinvent the wheel.

  SMART Pin Pro™ will teach you exactly how to increase your traffic from Pinterest, save time pinning, and create a strategy that you can adjust over time, yourself! I'll be helping you every step of the way ...

In just a few hours a month you could have more traffic, a growing email list, and be making more money than ever with less stress.

So choose your plan now:

A few years ago I was ready to quit my etsy shop and stop teaching craft classes for pennies by taking my blog & subscription box full-time. I wanted to work with sponsors, sell ad space, make money while I slept with affiliate marketing, and grow my recurring revenue with my craft kit box subscription.


BUT I had a slight problem ... my traffic was non-existent and getting WORSE.


You need TRAFFIC to get the moolah!


I was a social media manager spending all my time growing traffic and social media followings for my clients and NO TIME on my own business.


I knew the fastest way to build TRAFFIC from people who didn't already know you was with PINTEREST.


SO I started pinning like crazy, joining group boards, and spent hours pinning from share threads ... but NO TRAFFIC CAME!


When sponsors and peers asked me about my traffic,  I just shrugged.




Here I was, a respected social media manager and long time blogger, and I had NO TRAFFIC.


I felt like a giant failure.


I knew nobody was going to work with me because I literally had ZERO influence or customers. And forget trying to sell anything! My whole business hinged on my tiny email list ...

Alot has changed since then.


Now I drive millions of pageviews to my site, social media content, and sponsor sites every year. Sponsors solicit me to feature their products and pay my high asking-fee. My ad revenue has been high enough to buy a car some months and my affiliate revenue has more than tripled.

And I spend less time blogging and more time living my life than ever before!

But I will never forget how it felt to have a site with ZERO traffic.

Since that incredible day in 2016 when everything changed, I've developed a complete system for driving MASSIVE TRAFFIC from Pinterest and it's available to you NOW for a limited time only.

My program, SMART Pin Pro™, leads you through every single step of my proven approach to developing a Pinterest strategy, increasing your traffic, and managing it all in just a few hours a month with confidence and ease.

See, it wasn't the tactics I used in 2016 that were the secret ... it was the PROCESS. And I've spent the last 5+ years refining this process into an easy to follow system to get 100s of customers and clients like you massive results on Pinterest. NOW. Today.

And it's only in SMART Pin Pro™.



Can SMART Pin Pro™ help grow my followers on Pinterest?  

Yes. Pinterest followers matter more now than ever as Pinterest increases focus on Creators. In SMART Pin Pro, I'll show you how to get traffic to your site no matter how many followers you have or how long you've been pinning.

Some members report a 50-300% increase in followers in their first 6 months in the program!

I’ll teach you how to develop a strategy that uses each type of Pinterest content to reach specific goals. You’ll learn which content types grow your followers, which content types generate traffic, and establish realistic and attainable expectations for performance.


Can you guarantee I will see results?

No. I know the strategies in SMART Pin Pro™ work. It's a two-part formula: I'm sharing the plan with you in the trainings. You gotta do the work to make it happen. It takes your participation to apply the trainings, do the work, and get support when you’re stuck.

Does SMART Pin Pro™ cover manual or native pinning?

Yes, we teach manual or native publishing direct on Pinterest as well as using third-party tools to publish to Pinterest. We provide guidance on choosing the publishing method that best fits your business and resources. Here’s our philosophy: the magic is not the method of pinning; that’s just a tactic or a tool, like a hammer … it does what you tell it! 


Do I have to use Tailwind to apply what I learn in SMART Pin Pro™?

No. While we love Tailwind and share it as an effective tool to simplify the Pinterest workflow, we also teach manual or native publishing direct on Pinterest and provide guidance to choose the method that best fits your business and resources.


Does SMART Pin Pro™ work for MLMs or network marketing?

Yes, if you have a place online to share content like informational posts or videos that you can send customers to as part of a converting sales funnel. Pinterest is ineffective at sending organic traffic direct to your products or home page. If you are open to creating content to warm up pinners before they enter your funnel, SMART Pin Pro™ is for you.


Does SMART Pin Pro™ work if I don’t have a blog?

Yes, if you have a place online to share content like informational posts or videos that you can send customers to as part of a converting sales funnel. Pinners are conditioned to expect information after they click. Blogs are a great way to deliver that information and warm them up to become customers.

If you are open to creating content to warm up pinners before they enter your funnel, SMART Pin Pro™ is for you.


Does SMART Pin Pro™ work for course creators?

Yes, if you have a place online to share content like informational posts or videos that you can send customers to as part of a converting sales funnel.


Does SMART Pin Pro™ work if I don’t have a sales funnel? Or if my sales funnel does not convert?

If you are a blogger monetizing your site with ads or sponsored content, you do not need a sales funnel to have success with SMART Pin Pro™. 

If you are an online business selling anything (courses, memberships, products, affiliate products, print-on-demand, MLM, TPT, etc) you will need a converting sales funnel to warm up cold Pinterest traffic into buyers and customers.


I've been using Pinterest for a while ... I HAD success but now my traffic has been stuck at the same level or DROPPING. Will SMART Pin Pro™ help me?

Yes. SMART Pin Pro™ will help you learn to drive traffic no matter how long you have been pinning. 

We'll walk you through how to clean up your account and position your content for success so that all the effort you put into pinning leads to measurable results.

Pinterest changes all the time. Your tactics and strategy that worked last year won't work this year to get the same great results. With SMART Pin Pro™ you’ll stay up to date and get the support you need to adjust your strategy in tandem with Pinterest changes.


I don’t have a Pinterest account … should I wait until I have one set up? 

Yes. This course is for people who are familiar with Pinterest and how it works on a basic level (you've pinned something). If you don't have a Pinterest account, start with this FREE step-by-step video training to get your account set up. Then you'll be ready to join SMART Pin Pro™ to pin like a BOSS!


Is SMART Pin Pro™ for beginners? Or will experienced Pinterest marketers benefit from joining?

Beginners are welcome (see the answer above!). SMART Pin Pro™ includes techniques for  intermediate and advanced Pinterest marketers including research strategies, frameworks, and other tools that our most seasoned and experienced members have said improved their understanding of Pinterest, and ultimately improved their results.  


I've taken other Pinterest trainings and haven't seen results. What makes SMART Pin Pro™ different?

Our CORE training provides the theory to truly understand Pinterest. Our Knowledge Vault is constantly updated with tactical tutorials to help you implement what you’ve learned. Our Best Practice Briefs keep you updated on relevant Pinterest news to you each month. And our Q&A Calls and Community provide support every step of the way.

The frameworks, tools, and assessments provided in SMART Pin Pro™ are our original creation, meant to help you learn faster, build a dynamic strategy unique to your business, and assess the needs of your strategy as you grow your traffic.

We can’t compare our program to other specific programs because we are not customers of those programs.


How do I know I'm not going to get into your program and already know all of this?

If you landed here, it is very likely that you have been searching for answers and have been reading and watching lots of free advice on Pinterest that is not getting you results. Heck, maybe you even bought some other programs and didn't get results (otherwise you would not be here).

You likely will see information you already know about Pinterest in my program. Some of that information might even be ideas I've put out into the world that became part of the Pinterest lexicon and culture because I share so much and have been a guest on a wide variety of podcasts, shows, stages, etc.

You’re likely not here due to lack of information.

In SMART Pin Pro™ I provide a framework for creating a Pinterest strategy and a system for keeping it updated with the changes in your business and Pinterest. We also provide support in getting that all set up and dialed in for your specific business via our Q&A Calls and more in our trainings. I created these frameworks and systems to help you think about Pinterest differently and then apply that thinking to creating a dynamic strategy that can change with your business and Pinterest.

In short, I offer a framework to create a strategy, a system for keeping it updated, and support through that process. I teach the most relevant information about Pinterest to establish an understanding of Pinterest that is sustainable, data-backed, and succinct.

If you are already familiar with Pinterest, great! You’ll have a headstart on understanding Pinterest. Bring fresh eyes to SMART Pin Pro™ and get the results you’ve been searching for.

And if you’re not familiar with Pinterest, get ready to develop a deep understanding of Pinterest and how to use it to get the results YOU want most!

What if I'm not a "crafter" or "food blogger"? What if my business is in another industry? 

I’ve seen the SMART Pin Pro™ strategies work across a number of niches and businesses - it’s all about understanding how to leverage Pinterest for your business. SMART Pin Pro™ covers the same strategies I've used for clients in all sorts of industries from big box wholesalers to online retailers, from bloggers to etsy shop owners, and from artists to small business owners. 

If you don't have a "blog" or website, you can use some of these same strategies to sell your products, promote affiliate links, and more. You can even promote your YouTube channel on Pinterest! We do recommend that you have some level of content marketing - using content like blog posts to market your business with Pinterest is an easier road than if you have no content at all.


I don’t have a blog or anything to sell yet …will this help me get started? 

No. You need to have a place where you will send the traffic from Pinterest. This can be a blog, website, social media account like Instagram, YouTube channel, or an online shop like etsy. If you do not have any online presence, this is not the program for you. 


Do I need anything besides a basic Pinterest account to join?

Yes, you'll need Google Analytics, a Pinterest business account, and somewhere online people can visit to learn more about your business (blog or website, YouTube channel, etsy, etc). If you have content, like blog posts, to send traffic to, even better.

If you don't have a Pinterest Business account or Google Analytics, you can set both up for free in a few minutes: set up Google Analytics or set up Pinterest Business Account (don’t worry we link to these in our “Set Up” module inside the program as well).

If you don't have some place online you can send traffic to, this training is not for you. Please join the waitlist at and come back when you have a destination to send all that Pinterest traffic.


How long do I have access if I join now? 

Get guaranteed updates, support, and other new features and trainings, as long as you're an active SMART Pin Pro™ Member.


How much time do I need to dedicate to SMART Pin Pro™?

You'll need about 12 hours to watch all of the videos in the SMART Pin Pro™ CORE trainings and 1-3 hours a month for Q&A Calls as you need them. Some students have completed the trainings in just one weekend!

Many videos are shorter than 10 minutes each so you can watch them quickly. I’m a busy business owner like you … I made these trainings easy to consume so you can get the info you need fast and take action right away.

We created a 28 Day Roadmap to help you watch the trainings and apply what you learned in about 45 minutes per day. Follow the map and have a foundation strategy in place in less than a month!


But what if I heard Pinterest doesn't work for my niche or industry?  

Pinterest is a visual search engine, much like how Google is a search engine. If people are online, looking for your product or service on Google, they're probably looking for it on Pinterest too.

In fact, the number of users on Pinterest grew 25% YoY from 2017 to 2018 to over 250 million users! And in 2021, Pinterest surpassed 450 million users. Males and International users are among the fastest growing demographics on Pinterest. In short: your people are there.

Some content will be more difficult to make visually appealing on Pinterest but I am here to help you figure it out. We'll work through the challenges together in the program!

Unsure? Watch this video to see how to check if you should be on Pinterest … or try this video I did with Social Media Examiner about this very topic.


I have a vacation planned ... When does the course actually start?

The trainings are available immediately for you to learn at your own pace. You can start the trainings at any time after you enroll. You may miss the live Q&A Calls that month but each of these is recorded and available in the Library to watch as a replay at your convenience.


Do the videos include closed captioning for accessibility?

Yes, all of our recorded videos include searchable closed captioning (CC) in English. 


Can I get a refund or cancel if I don't like SMART Pin Pro™?

No. When you purchase SMART Pin Pro™, you unlock the training videos, workbooks & all related materials immediately. As there is no way to return this product, no refunds will be issued. The policy is included in your checkout - please refer here for details. You can cancel your membership anytime in your member dashboard.


When do I get my bonuses?

Bonuses are available immediately. You can access the bonuses, trainings, materials, support, community and all benefits of SMART Pin Pro™ as long as your membership is active.

This program will support and assist you in reaching your own goals but your success primarily depends on your commitment, motivation, work, effort, and follow-through. I cannot predict and do not guarantee that you will attain a particular result and you accept and understand that results differ for each individual. Each individual's results depend on his or her unique background, dedication, desire, motivation, and numerous other factors. You fully agree to these terms by using this site. View additional terms and disclosures using the links below.


The term “Pinterest” is a trademark of Pinterest, Inc. | is not affiliated with Pinterest.

SMART Pin Pro™ Terms & Conditions


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